Who we are

XDF INDUSTRIAL PROJECTS is a group of multidisciplinary professional technical consultants. Our specialists are backed by their own local network and has gained their status due to several years of experience involved in wind industry manufacturing projects. Our high performance team cover all the steps in the manufacturing:

  • Detailed engineering

  • Cut&bevel and CNC experts

  • Welding engineering

  • Construction

  • Automatization and robotics

  • Surface treatment

  • Assembling of internal parts

  • Logistics

  • Industrial management

  • Quality.

We work together with some of the leading companies in manufacturing equipment supply, 4.0 technology, logistics and R&D centers, XDF INDUSTRIAL PROJECTS can mobilize the right team, skills and technologies to help our clients to develop a new project, improve productivity, R&D, innovation, project management, all you need in this industrial area.


Diaz Gutiérrez

Senior Specialist Consultant

Senior Industrial & Operations specialist, with more than 20 years of manufacturing experience as Operations, Technical and Industrial director. Responsible of design, development and management of operations of several greenfield steel structure manufacturing plant projects in Europe and worldwide (India, Brazil, Mexico, USA, Russia). Always with the innovation and improvement of the processes in the scope.


Alvarez Mañaricua

Senior Specialist Consultant

Industrial engineer and NACE inspector level 2. More than 7 years of experience in the manufacturing of onshore/offshore wind structures, both as production and process engineer focused on machining, surface treatment and mechanical assembly.


Alonso Rendueles

Senior Specialist Consultant

Mechanical engineer and IWE. Working as welding and process engineer for more than 10 years in several companies from the onshore/offshore wind industry. Wide experience in projects from all the big players of the industry: Vestas, Siemens Gamesa, GE,Nordex, Saipem.